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Friday, 29 June 2012 09:35

Our Values

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Yellow Technology has a set of values that apply to everything we are and everything we do.  Whilst it is fashionable for companies to create a set of values as a way to distinguish them from their competition, in our case this is not a marketing ploy.  We knew what made us different before we put it into words. 

Every member of our team has been selected based on the fact that they share the values of the company.  It's difficult to teach values in the same way that you might teach skills, so it is really important that we share these basic values as a starting point.  Our recruitment process concentrates on this area above everything else.

We apply our values to everything we do, from the way we answer the telephone to the way we manufacture cables to the way we install equipment.  We constantly question whether what we're doing fits in with our values, and we are always thinking of ways to improve.

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