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Magma ExpressBox 3T

15 November 2013 in System Expansion

The Magma ExpressBox 3T provides three full-length PCIe slots in a small desktop enclosure with a pair of Thunderbolt ports…

Yellow Technology GrandStand

27 November 2014 in Integration Hardware

After many years of having to make do with what the market had to offer in terms of loudspeaker stands,…


04 March 2014 in Loudspeakers

We have long considered ADAM to make the best ribbon-tweeter based studio monitors available. Their S3A was a real favourite…

George Fenton

02 October 2013 in Composers, Writers and Arrangers

George has been a client of Yellow Technology since 2003.  In 2007 we consulted on and built a new studio…

Simon Russell

12 September 2013 in Composers, Writers and Arrangers

Simon was one of Yellow Technology's very first clients, having been recommended through our work with the Chapell Recorded Music…

David Poore

01 October 2013 in Composers, Writers and Arrangers

We started work with David in 2009, consulting on the refurbishment of his Bristol-based studio. This included the design and…

VSL Vienna Special Edition

20 June 2013 in Sample Libraries

Vienna Symphonic Library's Special Edition series aims to bring the most useful contents of the extensive Symphonic Cube library into the reach of mere…

Audient ASP008

20 June 2013 in Microphone Preamplifiers

The Audient ASP008 is an 8-channel microphone preamp with optional analog-to-digital conversion. The ASP008 takes the preamps from Audient's ASP8024…

RME Fireface UFX

02 July 2012 in Audio Interfaces

The RME Fireface UFX is a FireWire and USB audio interface supporting up to 30 channels of I/O, comprising 12…


20 June 2013 in Loudspeakers

The SCM50 has long been the mid-field monitor of choice for many audio professionals across the world. Over the years…


20 June 2013 in Loudspeakers

A number of ADAM loudspeakers have formed part of our product portfolio for many years now. ADAM have managed to…

Vienna Symphonic Library's Special Edition series aims to bring the most useful contents of the extensive Symphonic Cube library into the reach of mere mortals. By including the most-commonly used articulations of the most-commonly-used instruments, VSL have created a compact and affordable library which fills the need for 90% of orchestral writing.   Since their first releases in 2003, the VSL name has been synonymous with high-quality, realistic and playable orchestral samples. Recorded in their purpose-built Silent Stage studio outside Vienna, the samples are edited in-house and coupled with custom-developed virtual instrument software. VSL focus on…
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This is an article about Avid

The RME Fireface UFX is a FireWire and USB audio interface supporting up to 30 channels of I/O, comprising 12 channels of analogue I/O (including 4 microphone / instrument inputs, which use the same technology of the RME Micstacy) and 18 channels of digital I/O (2 x AES and 16 x ADAT, running at all conventional sampling frequencies up to 192kHz). Also included are two pairs of MIDI I/O and word clock I/O (with a switchable 75Ω termination). The software included with the Fireface UFX is an evolvement of the…
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Pete Eaglesfield

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pete-headPete graduated from The City University in London with a BSc in Music, heading straight into the role of service engineer in the multitrack department at Hilton Sound Plc.  Having learnt to look after both analogue and digital tape machines, in 1994 he joined Angel Recording Studios as a maintenance engineer, gaining a firm grounding in the operation and maintenance of a large orchestral studio facility.  Returning to the hire sector in 1996, Pete accepted the position of Technical Manager at Dreamhire UK and oversaw the expansion of the operation from a small terraced house to a purpose-built warehouse.  Pete left Dreamhire in 1999 to set up the southern division of Mediaspec UK Ltd.  In 2002, after the closure of Mediaspec South, he and Antony formed Yellow Technology.

Pete is the guardian of Yellow Technology's values, and is responsible for the overall development of the company.  He continues to consult on all types of project.


Yellow Technology provides industry-leading professional audio services and solutions wherever audio systems are required to be reliable and of a high standard. Our work can be found across numerous industries and applications – recording, broadcast, post-production, education, publishing, entertainment, government, marine, military, police.

Recording Studios

We build all varieties of studios, large and small, for professionals and private individuals, starting from consultation, building specification, sound isolation and acoustic design, through project management, furniture design and build, wiring system specification, routeing and termination to equipment supply, system commissioning, maintenance and support. From the composer’s spare bedroom to multi-room complexes and working with small or large budgets.

Live Performance

We design, build and install recording and media playback systems for all manner of performance venues, from concert halls to nightclubs, school halls to restaurants, museums to boats. We design systems that are appropriate for their purpose by listening to you, our client, and ensuring that we fully understand your brief before we start work on your solution.

Professional Audio Hardware and Software

We supply only products that we have qualified to be part of our exclusive product portfolio.  We provide the best product for the job, regardless of what might be cheapest, easiest or most lucrative for us to supply. Our pricing is always competitive, but if you can find the same product cheaper elsewhere, we’ll do our best to match that price.

Mission-Critical Computer Systems

From digital audio workstations (DAWs) to forensic interrogation systems, we work with computer systems at the highest level, across all platforms. Though our roots will always be in professional audio, our experience with audio computer systems has led to demand from many other sectors and we continue to provide high-level IT support to a variety of individuals and organisations.

Support and Maintenance

With Yellow Technology, you can be sure that your systems will continue to perform to the highest level, by investing in one of our Performance Plans. The Performance Plan is light-years away from the ‘built-in’ support services promoted by so many equipment suppliers. What we offer is a full solution. We’re not just on the end of the phone when you need us – we’re taking positive action without you having to think about it. We’ll be there when your system needs maintenance, and we’ll be keeping you abreast of any new industry developments that might affect you. Say goodbye to boom and bust – your systems will be consistent and reliable.

Invisible Technology

At Yellow Technology, we have a principle that we call Invisible Technology.  This is the benefit that is experienced by our clients, whereby we ensure that your systems work effectively and reliably so that you can concentrate on your creative work.  It is a principle we employ in all the work we do.

We’re here to make sure your technology works for you, not against you.

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Antony Conner

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Antony graduated from Surrey University as a Tonmeister and taught classroom music for a year before joining Dolby Laboratories as a technical engineer. Here, he designed and built custom switching systems, and rebuilt the audio installation for their quality control theatre. He then joined CTS Studios, routinely setting up sessions and attending to the technical progression of the facility. He stayed there until the studios were closed in 2000. Mediaspec South snapped up the opportunity to offer Antony a position as Technical Manager, overseeing all the division’s audio installations.

In 2002, Antony joined Pete in setting up Yellow Technology and took the position of Technical Director.  He takes responsibility for all of the technical development within the company but retains a hands-on role in complex projects. Antony has a wealth of expertise in all areas of media and information technology.  Antony is an experienced engineer, and is responsible for much of the customisation and electronic design facilities that we provide.

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Ben Savage

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Ben joined Yellow as a placement student from Surrey University in 2007 and proved himself as a first-class audio technician in a very short space of time, quickly becoming involved in several high-profile studio installations.  We reluctantly allowed him to return to university where his final year saw him conducting extensive research into the use of psychoacoustic methods to improve the speech intelligibility of forensic recordings.

Having gained his Tonmeister degree, Ben was welcomed back as an audio consultant where he threw himself into not only the management of many of our projects, but also started to further develop the company's technical practices and to streamline the production process.  Ben's ability to calmly and efficiently manage the most complex of installations led to his promotion to Production Manager in 2012, where he continues the pursuit of excellence in all areas.

Ben is also a member of the successful folk roots band, The Willows.

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Dan Griffiths

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Dan hails from Gloucester and was our third Tonmeister recruit.  Having spent his placement year with us in 2009, Dan then completed his BMus degree in Music and Sound Recording in 2010, shortly before joining us permanently at Yellow Technology as an audio consultant.

Dan is an experienced wireman, having masterminded many of our complex integration projects, and he is selected as project manager for a wide range of audio projects.

In the course of his research, Dan has written on the subject of the perceptual attributes of sound (in particular, "warmth"), and he has also built up a wide-ranging portfolio of his own recordings, which allows him an enhanced understanding of the issues that face many of our clients.

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Ali Barker

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Ali is our newest recruit, joining the company in 2011 as an audio consultant.  Another Tonmeister, having graduated from the University of Surrey with a BMus degree in Music and Sound Recording, Ali is involved in all areas of production, service and support within the company.  Ali has also managed a number of our client projects and is a key contact for many clients.

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James Collins

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James began his career at Lansdowne Studios in 1989, subsequently moving to CTS studios as a house engineer.  Here, he honed his skills as a recording and mix engineer, leading to the presentation of the prestigious Golden Reel Award.  James has worked with some of the world's best known recording artists such as Amy Grant, Cliff Richard and The Shadows, Kelly Clarkson, Rick Wakeman and Suede, and has worked on films such as Shall We Dance (starring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez), The Magic Roundabout (starring Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue), Little Voice (starring Jane Horrocks) and the award-winning The History Boys.

James lends his significant industry experience to Yellow Technology whilst continuing his engineering career.  He is frequently involved in more complex installations, but is also heavily involved in the training and development services that we offer to professionals and educational establishments.

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