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Magma ExpressBox 3T

15 November 2013 in System Expansion

The Magma ExpressBox 3T provides three full-length PCIe slots in a small desktop enclosure with a pair of Thunderbolt ports…

Yellow Technology GrandStand

27 November 2014 in Integration Hardware

After many years of having to make do with what the market had to offer in terms of loudspeaker stands,…


04 March 2014 in Loudspeakers

We have long considered ADAM to make the best ribbon-tweeter based studio monitors available. Their S3A was a real favourite…

George Fenton

02 October 2013 in Composers, Writers and Arrangers

George has been a client of Yellow Technology since 2003.  In 2007 we consulted on and built a new studio…

Simon Russell

12 September 2013 in Composers, Writers and Arrangers

Simon was one of Yellow Technology's very first clients, having been recommended through our work with the Chapell Recorded Music…

David Poore

01 October 2013 in Composers, Writers and Arrangers

We started work with David in 2009, consulting on the refurbishment of his Bristol-based studio. This included the design and…

VSL Vienna Special Edition

20 June 2013 in Sample Libraries

Vienna Symphonic Library's Special Edition series aims to bring the most useful contents of the extensive Symphonic Cube library into the reach of mere…

Audient ASP008

20 June 2013 in Microphone Preamplifiers

The Audient ASP008 is an 8-channel microphone preamp with optional analog-to-digital conversion. The ASP008 takes the preamps from Audient's ASP8024…

RME Fireface UFX

02 July 2012 in Audio Interfaces

The RME Fireface UFX is a FireWire and USB audio interface supporting up to 30 channels of I/O, comprising 12…


20 June 2013 in Loudspeakers

The SCM50 has long been the mid-field monitor of choice for many audio professionals across the world. Over the years…


20 June 2013 in Loudspeakers

A number of ADAM loudspeakers have formed part of our product portfolio for many years now. ADAM have managed to…

YT Webmaster

YT Webmaster

Thursday, 13 June 2013 20:05

Studio Design

Our foundations are in recording studios and between our consultants, we have many years of studio design experience.  Of course, through the years, the nature of recording studios has changed.  Whilst there may not be quite the demand there was for commercial recording studios, there are now a multitude of smaller studios from small garden studios and converted lofts to the multi-room commercial production suite.  We have designed numerous studios with numerous challenges.

Thursday, 13 June 2013 20:04

System Installation

When you're putting together a new facility or changing your existing systems, the choice of equipment is often your first priority.  However, its integration into your working environment is a key component to ensure that you get the most out of the technology you use.

Thursday, 13 June 2013 19:59

Cables and Wiring

We are famous for our cables and wiring.  A critical part of any installation, these are the components that make or break your system and the quality and reliability of our cables cannot be matched elsewhere.

Thursday, 13 June 2013 19:55

Equipment Supply

Of course, we supply equipment.  But the way we do this means that you get more for your money.

We don't sell everything and anything. 

We maintain a portfolio of quality products, including all types of audio and computer hardware and software, as well as many specialist components that are otherwise difficult to find.

Thursday, 13 June 2013 19:51


Consultation is where it all starts.  It's an over-used term, but it is critical to the success of any project.  Our consultants are trained to listen to you, first and foremost.  We listen to everything you say and we use the information you give to us to provide you with the best solution.

Thursday, 13 June 2013 20:10

Acoustics and Sound Insulation

Though often forgotten or neglected, internal room acoustics are critical to the success of many environments, from recording studios to restaurants.  However many problematic acoustic anomalies can be resolved quite simply and effectively.

Thursday, 13 June 2013 20:09

Building Specification

We provide acoustic and technical consultancy for building projects - mainly audio recording or listening environments, but we have also worked in many different environments where acoustic performance or sound insulation is required.

Thursday, 13 June 2013 18:07

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Friday, 10 August 2012 18:22

Performance Plans

Do you need your technology to work for you, not against you?

Do you want the power of the latest creative technology, but you don’t really want to know it’s there?

This is what we call Invisible Technology, and it’s at the heart of your Performance Plan.

A bit like the economy, creative technology systems left alone are prone to ‘boom and bust’. You invest a lot of money on a system, then you work with it for a few years until one day a component fails. When you look into replacing that component, you find that it’s no longer available, so you have to get the new equivalent.

... but the new equivalent doesn’t work with your computer, so you have to buy a new computer.

... but the new computer doesn’t work with your old software, so you have to upgrade all your software.

... but the new software doesn’t work the way it did before, so you have to learn new ways of working.

All of a sudden, a simple breakdown has amounted to a serious system upgrade and a major headache.

And think of all that time you’ve had to spend on it, when you’re trying to produce the creative output that makes you a living.

Performance Plans are not just there to help you if you get into trouble; they allow us to take a pro-active approach to keeping you out of trouble.

Most plans include a regular maintenance visit, whose purpose is to catch problems before they develop. A failing hard drive, for example, can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of the data recovery process required once it has completely failed.

Many plans include Development Strategy Planning, giving you a regular check on your systems’ position within the current technology spectrum and allowing you to make an effective plan for their future development.

Upgrades are inevitable. Technology marches on and, in order to take advantage of new developments as you need them, you are best advised to move with it. Your Performance Plan allows you to take control of your systems without having to take on the role of maintenance engineer.

Your Performance Plan ensures that:

  • you’re able to use your systems to their maximum potential;
  • your systems are maintained to their optimum working capacity;
  • you have professional help standing by when you need to keep working;
  • your system develops in line with technology advances, but at a manageable pace;
  • your maintenance costs are minimised and spread over a manageable period;
  • you get preferential rates on any additional products and services that your work requires.


Support Cases

Your Performance Plan provides you with a prioritised support facility. When you contact us for assistance, we will log a support case, which we will pro-actively manage until it is resolved.

Support may be provided via telephone, email or web, or through our remote support portal, which allows us to take control of a computer-based system in order to resolve issues efficiently.

In some cases, it may be necessary or more efficient to book an attendance to resolve an issue. In this case we will discuss with you the options that are available to you within your plan – you may have a plan that includes Flexible Attendances or you may choose to make use of your Preferential Attendance Rates.

During office hours, calls to our Performance Plan Support Line (available only to Performance Plan clients) will be answered within 60 seconds. Emails will be responded to within 30 minutes of our receipt. In each case, a consultant will be dealing with your case within 15 minutes of the initial response.

Flexible Attendances

Most Performance Plans provide a number of Flexible Attendances.   These attendances are for you to use as you see fit. You might need to have a consultant on site to deal with system issues, or you might choose to use the time to make changes or additions to your systems.

Each attendance may be up to four hours, but if additional time is required it will be charged at the “Attended Follow-On Rate” for your plan.

Maintenance Attendances

Most Performance Plans incorporate one or two annual Maintenance Attendances. These are pro-active visits that we will arrange with you as they become due, designed to keep your systems in peak condition and to catch potential issues before they become critical.

During a Maintenance Attendance, we will carry out preventative maintenance, updates and tests on your systems to ensure they are functioning at their optimum level. We will also address any Fault Book items that you may have logged since your last Maintenance Attendance.

Following the visit, we will send you a report of the work we have carried out, along with any suggestions for further action to be taken.

Each attendance may be up to four hours, but if additional time is required it will be charged at the “Attended Follow-On Rate” for your plan.

Panic Buttons

Each plan has an associated “Panic Button” fee. Exclusive to Performance Plan clients, the Panic Button allows you an immediate “drop everything” response from us in an emergency, regardless of the day or time. When you have signalled that you wish to invoke a Panic Button, we will agree a strategy with you in order to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. The Panic Button fee covers any remote support, but does not include any attendance required, which could be covered by one of your included attendances, or charged at your Preferential Attendance Rate.

Preferential Workshop Service Rate

As part of your Performance Plan, you are entitled to a preferential rate for any workshop service we provide to you. This includes pre-installation configuration activities for any new equipment as well as repair or testing services.

Preferential Attendance Rates

Each level of Performance Plan has an associated attendance rate. This is what we will charge you for any on-site service time that isn’t included elsewhere in your plan, and it comprises a first-hour charge and a follow-on charge. Where you are extending one of your built-in attendances, you simply pay the follow-on rate.

Preferential Delivery Charges

As a Performance Plan client, you are entitled to preferential delivery charges. Delivery charge caps are indicated in the benefits table and are applicable to UK mainland addresses only. If your site is located outside the UK mainland, delivery charges will be passed on to you at our cost price.

Maintained System Documentation

Our higher-level Performance Plans include Maintained System Documentation, whereby we keep technical records on file for your systems, such as system diagrams, photographs and software lists, which we update during Maintenance Attendances. This has a major benefit for you, as it allows us to respond to any system issues more quickly and effectively, cutting the time taken for our consultants to refamiliarise themselves with your specific configuration.

Development Strategy Planning

It is important that, as well as dealing with routine maintenance and service issues, we are also considering your longer-term plans and the effect of technological developments upon your systems.

If your plan includes Development Strategy Planning, one of our consultants will pay you an additional visit each year in order to discuss your longer term plans and any concerns you may have. We will make you aware of any developments within the industry that will require your attention or may enhance your workflow. We will recommend additions and improvements and we will ensure that you are aware of your systems’ anticipated lifespans.

Fault Book Management

Where included in your plan, we will provide you with a Fault Book, which we recommend you leave with your system in order that you can note any issues or inconsistencies as they occur. When the time comes for a Maintenance Attendance, we will review your Fault Book in order to highlight and quantify persistent problems.   We anticipate that you will also use the book to log any other ongoing frustrations that you have with your workflow, so that we can recommend new methods or products.

Saturday, 17 November 2012 22:14

Extraordinary Care

Extraordinary Care is possibly the most important of all our values, as it really covers the other two as well.  It is also the most difficult to achieve, and the one that we're always working on.

Extraordinary Care is applicable everywhere.  The way we answer the phone; the way we handle enquiries and support calls; the way we welcome our guests; the way we look after our team; the way we deal with our suppliers.  We never stop finding new ways of exhibiting Extraordinary Care.

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